Solo and group Exhibitions


-   World art dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubaï, United Arab Emirates.

-   Asia Digital Art Exhibition, Beijing, China.

-   ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China.

-   Dubai Design Week, Dubaï, United Arab Emirates.



-   GLEX 2021 conference participant, Taurida Palace, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
-   Gagarin Night Event, Leningrad Planetarium, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

-   COS20MOS21 group exhibition, Zaryadye Park, Moscow, Russia.



-    Participation “ArtMuc Re:start” Art Fair, Munich, Germany.    
-    Personal exhibition “Cosmodreams”, Contemporary Art Museum Erarta, Saint Petersburg, Russia.



-    Participation “Fairytale morphology”, Art Square Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “Art Marbella” Marbella, Spain.
-    Participation “National Sailing Regatta Art Project”, “Art Tube”, Nizny Novgorod, Russia.



-    Personal exhibition “Artist’s diary”, “Hermitage-Viborg”, Viborg, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “East of the sun” K35, Moscow, Russia.



-    Personal exhibition "Infinity road" museum of city transport, Saint Petersburg.
-    Personal exhibition "British accent" Hotel Europe, Saint Petersburg.
-    Talanted Art Fair, London, GB.
-    Personal retrospective exhibition in chateau d'Ardelay, Les Herbiers, France. 
-    Participation Talented Art Fair, London, GB.



-    Participation “London Auction”, London, GB. 
-    Participation “Cinema masterpieces”, Museum of city sculpture, Saint- Petersburg, Russia. 
-    Participation "Bus in favorite city" Museum of history of Peter and Paul Cathedral, Saint Petersburg, Russia.  
-    Participation "Zooart", Museum of city sculpture, Saint- Petersburg, Russia. 
-    Member the charity exhibition "Inspired by the childhood " Lifeline and K35, Moscow, Rus-sia. 
-    Participation 50th Plein Air in Castello di Bocka, Kotor, Montenegro.
-    Participation "The Circus", Russian State Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.



-    Personal exhibition "Parallel”, “K35 Art Gallery”, Moscow, Russia
-    Personal exhibition “NY/New You”, “K35 Art Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Participation in parallel program of 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition «Prolonging summer» Museum of Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation Plein Air and exhibition "Castello di Boca", Kotor, Montenegro.
-    Participation “Biowoman reproduction”, “Art Muse”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “Filling the emptiness”, “K35 Art Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Participation “New Russian storytellers” State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “Contemporary artists in support of the Centre Anton is Right Here”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia. 



-    Participantion « Game Changers» Erarta, Hong Kong
-    Participation “Devastation of the landscape”, “Agency Art Ru”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Participation “Art-Helsinki”, “Kadieff”Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
-    Personal exhibition “Kresti”, “Triumph Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Participation “Art Vilnius”, “Shtager Gallery”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
-    Participation "Night of Museums", “Lazarev Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “Art Books Biennale”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation "Dolce vita", City Sculpture Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.



-    Personal exhibition “Reflections”, “Lazarev Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “Italy in my heart”, “Kadieff Gallery”, parallel program of Venice Bien-nale, Venice, Italy.
-    Participation “Night in museum”, “Lazarev Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “Moments of Waiting”, “K35 Art Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Participation “Art Stage Singapore”, “Lazarev Gallery”, Singapore.



-    Personal exhibition “Non-random connections”, “Lazarev Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Rus-sia.
-    Personal exhibition “For Versace”, “Kadieff Gallery”, Helsinki, Finland.
-    Personal exhibition “Now or Never”, “Ten 43 Gallery”, New York, USA.
-    Participation “Eniki-Beniki were eating dumplings”, “Lazarev Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia
-    Participation “Art Moscow Art Fair”, “Lazarev Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Participation “Art Monaco Art Fair”, “Lazarev Gallery”, Monaco.
-    Participation “Just Made Art Fair”, “Art Curators”, Madrid, Spain.



-    Personal exhibition “Zoomed”, “Prime Art Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “Gates and doors” State Russian museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “Stolichnaya”, “Kremlin gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “Running on waves”, “Kadieff Gallery”, Helsinki, Finland.
-    Participation “Art Helsinki”, “Kadieff Gallery”, Helsinki, Finland.
-    Participation “Royal College of Art Charity Auction”, “Sokol Fine Art Gallery”, London, UK.



-    Personal exhibition “Blue Beard”, “Inutero Panopticum”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “In Red”, “Kadieff Gallery”, Helsinki, Finland.
-    Personal exhibition "Society of consumption", “City Celebrities Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition "Love stories", “Red Bridge”, Vologda, Russia.
-    Participation "Memoria", “RuArts Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Participation "Gala Charity Auction with the support of CHRISTIE'S", State Russian Museum, 
-    Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “Art Kiev”, “Inutero Panopticum”, Kiev, Ukraine.



-    Personal exhibition “08.08.08”, “D137 Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “Retour-Stop-Cadre”, “Orel Art Gallery”, Paris, France.



-    Personal exhibition “To live in Paris”, D137 Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “The lonely”, “D137 Gallery”, The Red Hall, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “The lonely”, “D137 Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “Red Line”, “Kadieff Gallery” and “Krista Mikkola Gallery”, Helsinki, Finland.
-    Participation “Art Paris”, “Orel Art Gallery”, Paris, France.
-    Artist of the Year of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne, France.



-    Personal exhibition “Visions of Autumn”, “La Berteska-Masnata Gallery”, Genoa, Italy.
-    Personal exhibition “Short meetings... “, “Orel Art Gallery”, Paris, France.
-    Participation “Field's architecture”, State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “Every picture tells a story”, Artemy Troitsky’s private collection, “D137 Gal-lery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.



-    Personal exhibition “A La Mode”, “Art Strelka”, “XL Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Personal exhibition “Autumn time”, “D137 Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation "Art Crescendo”, Minor Hall of Saint Petersburg Philharmonic, Saint Peters-burg, Russia.
-    Participation “Qui Vive”, International youth Art Festival, Moscow, Russia.
-    Participation “Art Moscow”, “D137 Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
-    Participation “Art Bologna”, “D137 Gallery”, Bologna, Italy.



-    Personal exhibition “One Fine Day”, “D137 Gallery”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “Art Moscow”, “D137 Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.



-    Participation “Hotel 5 stars”, “Nomi Gallery”, Saint- Petersburg, Russia.
-    Participation “BIN”, “Manege”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Museum and Foundation collections:

-    The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    Hermitage, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
-    “D137” Foundation. Saint Petersburg. Russia.


Awards and Honors:

-    2008: The Artist of a year of “Nicolas Feuillatte” Champagne, France.
-    2008: Kandinsky Prize Nominee, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
-    2007: Official painter of 7th International Ballet Festival “MARIINSKY”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.